Protecting Your Business in The Digital Age Secure your overall business and customer data with top-notch cybersecurity measures. Prevention is always better than recovery. Personalized Solutions for Your Business Get expert guidance for your organization's cybersecurity challenges from our experienced team of consultants.

Who are we?

Zeta Security Consulting is an Albanian-based independent consulting company specializing in providing expert advice, thought leadership, and practical solutions in the field of cybersecurity. Through continuous research and analysis, the company offers valuable insights and confidential information to support its advisory services. Committed to maintaining the highest standards of secrecy, ZSC prides itself on the accuracy, reliability, and confidentiality of the information it provides.

Who we help?

Government agencies and militaries are prime targets for cyber attacks. As valuable assets, they are constantly under threat from espionage, sabotage, and other malicious activities perpetrated by threat actors and enemy states seeking to gain an advantage in the ongoing cyber warfare.

Banks and financial institutions worldwide have experienced breaches resulting in significant financial losses. Although regulations require these institutions to use prevention software, they understand that this alone is not enough to protect their valuable assets. As a result, they are always on the lookout for advanced solutions to stay ahead of ever-evolving threats.

The healthcare sector is highly vulnerable to cyber threats, which can put patient health and lives at risk. With limited resources and budgets available, hospitals and healthcare providers are always searching for cost-effective but innovative technologies and solutions to safeguard their systems and patients’ sensitive data from malicious actors.

Energy, Telecommunications and Transportation are also the most sensitive industries to external attacks. These sectors are injecting a substantial capital to strengthen their critical infrastructure but unfortunately many times fail to predict, prevent and consequently to respond to ever-changing cyber threats.

What we do?

We believe that security is an ongoing process that requires flexibility to adapt to internal and external changes.

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We work closely with our clients to gain a deep understanding of their unique requirements, existing capabilities, and challenges. Rather than pushing pre-determined solutions that may not align with our clients’ goals, we take a comprehensive approach to identify the most suitable options from both technical and commercial perspectives. By examining the security market thoroughly, we can provide tailored recommendations that offer the best results for our clients.

  • We provide guidance on the best technologies and tools to use for your project by giving confidential insights for every solution thus helping the customer to make informed decisions for the cybersecurity infrastructure.
  • We can customize our approach to fit your specific needs and ensure it is optimized for your security infrastructure. In addition to this, we can assist with changes to existing deployments by suggesting the best practices.
  • Our analysts are constantly researching for threat intelligence in order to daily update our clients with the new vulnerabilities and IOCs based on their specific security solutions. We believe in the principle that prevention is better than recovery.
  • We provide in-depth assessment of the organization’s security posture, including a review of its policies, controls, and technologies. With our instruments and our support, the client can audit their own systems thus avoiding the substantial cost of auditing companies.

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Premium Consultancy – Contract Based

$300/ month
What’s included?
  • Instant Updates for CVEs and IOCs
  • Weekly Threat Reports
  • NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF), CIS
  • Advisory for CS upgrade
  • CS Procurement/Tender Evaluation Advisory
  • CS Product Market Analysis
  • High-level Guidance in Terms of CS Objectives
  • Incident Response Support

(*) CS – Cyber Security

On-Demand Consultancy

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What do you benefit?

Increase Prevention Rate

Reduce Needless IT Costs

Increase Security Posture

Reduce Reputational Risk

Increase Cyber Resilience

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